Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Wee Bit of Trivia.

For those who commented on my last post, thank you for your kind words. Sometimes we all need a little space to unpack it all. I'm just glad I have this little corner of the Internet. :)

I'm currently watching Stephen Fry's "Quite Interesting" on BBC. Such a good show! Funny as all get out, and you learn so much useless trivia.

Like, "What flavor is the oldest known soup?"

Answer, "Hippopotamus."

Apparently that's true. Oldest recorded soup was made from hippos. Which...doesn't inspire me to try making it, by the way. I'm not too sure that PCC or Metro Market carry hippo stock. I would be concerned if they did, actually...

Also, the longest animal in the world? NOT the Blue Whale, incidentally. It's actually a tie between the Lion's Mane jellyfish and the Bootlace worm. The longest Lion's Mane jellyfish was 160 feet long, the longest found Bootlace worm was 180 feet long. However, Bootlace worms can stretch far beyond their real length, so it's possible that the worm's body stretched after it died (it was found washed ashore in England somewhere). Therefore it's debatable which animal is longer. But it's not the whale. Sorry, Monstro*. :(

A blue whale can only swallow things NO LARGER than a grapefruit. According to Stephen Fry. And though he sounds incredibly posh and knowledgeable, I could easily imagine it all being an act. But we'll believe him for now.

Check it out. I'm addicted to this show.

-The GLS
*Yeah, okay, FINE. Monstro was a sperm whale. Back off. I was trying to be funny.

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