Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apples & Limes

Well, friends. It would appear that it is already Tomorrow by the time I write this post, but it was Yesterday when I embarked upon this gutsiness, so I think it still counts.

Note: This evening's gutsiness is alcohol-related, so be assured (for those who don't know) that I am at the legal age for drinking.

Also, know that I am a bit of a lightweight, and prone to fear of trying new things where the "social scene" of drinking is concerned.

So tonight, in the spirit of it being the first gutsy Friday, my friend Indefish took me out on the town. We ended up at a bar called Cha Cha in Capitol Hill, but there was a line to get in. We were nearly persuaded to move on to another bar when we met--by chance--a few friends of Indefish's and decided to wait in line.

What a fun and funky place! The lighting is all red, and the decor is very Dia Del Muerte with sombreros, Lucha Libre masks, and a wall of glass bottles. The crowd was mostly young college-agers, it seemed, and there was even an awesome photo booth in the corner near the restrooms (of which Indefish and I freely partook).

For those interested, I had a Washington red apple and a Soco lime, both of them quite good, but there lies my limit. Two drinks and I tap out.

All in all, good place, good drinks, and good company. And my first technical American "bar" experience (as I've only ever been to Irish pubs and sports bars).

And now, to sleep. Because despite my "partying" this evening, I can be quite old-fashioned about bed times. I tire easily. Stick-in-the-mud? Maybe.

Thanks for reading...

-The GLS

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